Peering #

I’m always interested in peering! At the moment I support wireguard only.

I prefer (but not force) BGP multiprotocol sessions and extended NEXT_HOP for IPv4. If you cannot comply, please let me now, so I can setup the right options for the peering.

If you want to peer with me please send a mail with the following information:

  • Your ASN
  • Your Wireguard endpoint and port
  • Your Wireguard public key
  • Your link-local IPv6 address
  • Your tunnel IPv4 address (only if not supporting BGP Multiprotocol or extended NEXTHOP)
  • BGP adress families (eg IPv4 only/IPv6 only/both)
  • Special wishes

You’ll get an answer with my details then (or questions if there are any ;)).

I’ll set the DN42 BGP communities for latency, bandwith VPN type and orginating region accordingly, please consider to set up BGP communities too.
Please note, that I filter routes with invalid or unknown ROA!

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