Welcome to Techanit in DN42!

techanit.dn42 / dn42.est-it.de

What is DN42?

Please see the official DN42 wiki.


Just call me Erik.

IRC: techanit@hackint

E-Mail: dn42@est-it.de
OpenPGP-Key (40A2B5F2D4374B3DBAC44AF8A6FC82F9D4DB130C)


Looking Glass: lg.techanit.dn42 / lg.dn42.est-it.de

Network details

ASN: AS4242422206
IPv4 Prefix:
IPv6 Prefix: fd9f:621d:e6b4::/64

Node Details


Location: maincubes; Frankfurt; Germany; Earth
Provider: PHP-Friends.de

OS: LXC containerized Debian 11 "Bullseye"
Routing daemon: Bird 2.0.8

Clearnet-Name (IPv6 only): de1.dn42.est-it.de
Clearnet-IPv6: 2a0d:5941:1:58a::2

DN42 IPv4:
DN42 IPv6: fd9f:621d:e6b4:f201::4


Location: Nuremberg; Germany; Earth
Provider: Hetzner

OS: Debian 11 "Bullseye"
Routing daemon: Bird 2.0.8

Clearnet-Name: de2.dn42.est-it.de
Clearnet-IPv6: 2a01:4f8:1c1c:44ab::1

DN42 IPv4:
DN42 IPv6; fd9f:621d:e6b4:f201::6


Location: Nantes; France; Earth
Provider: LGP Corp for dn42

OS: Debian 11 "Bullseye"
Routing daemon: Bird 2.0.8

Clearnet-Name (IPv6 only): fr1.dn42.est-it.de
Clearnet-IPv6 (ISP Free): 2a01:cb05:8fdb:2555:bc3b:e9ff:fee4:5fd9

DN42 IPv4:
DN42 IPv6: fd9f:621d:e6b4:f201::7

Peered at the DN42 "frnte" IXP.
DualHomed-option with Free and Orange as ISP (only Free is used at the moment).


I’m always interested in peering! At the moment I support wireguard only.

I prefer (but not force) BGP multiprotocol sessions and extended NEXT_HOP for IPv4. If you cannot comply, please let me now, so I can setup the right options for the peering.

If you want to peer with me please send a mail with the following information:

You’ll get an answer with my details then (or questions if there are any ;)).

I’ll set the DN42 BGP communities for latency, bandwith VPN type and orginating region accordingly, please consider to set up BGP communities too. (https://dn42.dev/howto/Bird-communities).
Please note, that I filter routes with invalid or unknown ROA (https://dn42.dev/howto/ROA-slash-RPKI)!